Welcome to Sheffield Jesus Centre

Call us up: 0114-2521155 or Call by: 93 Broomspring Lane S10 2FB

Our Mission:  Expressing the love of Jesus daily in worship, friendship and help for every kind of person.

Welcome to our web page. For a more personal welcome, drop by! Meet friends and drink, eat and chill in our Parlour Cafe or Lounge, be creative among friends in our art or stitch groups, or develop your sewing and English etc in our Skills groups. Come along! Enter in!

• Opening hours for our regular programme – Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 10am to 2.30pm
• Get involved as a visitor or volunteer to one of our wide range of activities and services
• 800 visitors every year, supported by 50 or so volunteers and 5 part-time staff (2.7 full-time equivalent)

We have a variety of services including social activities, ESOL and sewing classes, a drop-in for those in vulnerable accommodation or other particular need, and Christian groups.

Find us just outside the city centre off the inner ring road, between University Square and Waitrose roundabouts.

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