About Sheffield Jesus Centre

The Vision

The Objects of the JCT (Jesus Centres Trust)  are for the public benefit and in all cases with a Christian ethos:

  • The relief of poverty, suffering, distress or financial hardship by such means as the Trustees from time to time decide;
  • The  advancement of education by such means as the Trustees from time to time decide;
  • To  provide or assist in the provision of facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation or other leisure time occupation for the public at large by such means as the Trustees from time to time decide, with the object of improving conditions of life;
  • Such other charitable purposes (according to the law of England and Wales) as the Trustees see fit from time to time  (e.g. apply for Citizenship)

For some views of our great city, and a walk around our Sheffield Jesus Centre, see our video here.

Friendship and Help

Our services include:

Open: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10.00am –2:30pm.

Staff and Volunteers

Steven Collier-Ellen, Trustee

Mark Walker, Cafe and Facilities

Rosie Chitty, Skills Tutor


Liz, Your Art group leader

Liz, Your Art group leader

















We currently have 5 paid staff, mostly part-time, and around 45 to 50 volunteers.  Some of our volunteers came initially as visitors. Others are students, and others are from Jesus Fellowship and other churches.

Feeling valued, being trained and interacting with others from all sorts of walks of life proves to be a life-enriching experience for our volunteers and staff.

Volunteer Induction

Lucy McGuren, Volunteers and Sewing Tutor

All volunteers are required to have an informal interview and induction session with the Volunteer Co-ordinator before beginning as a volunteer. Contact if you are interested. She will arrange to meet you and show you around!





Some statistics

In 2019 we logged just under 5900 visits to our services by 737 distinct individuals.

The Lounge Drop-in recorded 2600 visits, which is around 13 people per day on Wednesdays and Fridays, and welcomed a total of 299 distinct clients.

The Foodbank, which operates as a satellite of the S6 Trussell trust foodbank, welcomed 317 clients who received our help on around 3 occasions each on average, with 973 visitors recorded to our weekly Monday sessions. Not all of these would have a referral to be able to access a food parcel, but would all receieve a welcome and access at least to some bread and other items provided by a local Tesco stores through the Fareshare scheme for reducing supermarket food waste.

In 2019 we recorded 422 outcomes, instances where we could see that someone had made progress in their life, or been significantly impacted by some help we had provided.


Working With Other Agencies

We are blessed in Sheffield to have many other local services which we can refer people to and who send people to us.  This network includes the Cathedral Archer Project who help many vulnerable people and refer many to us for clothing. It also includes Assist who do a brilliant job supporting asylum seekers in our city, and refer many to our Foodbank. Other agencies that refer clients to our S6 Trussell Trust Foodbank include GPs, the Probation Service, the 911 Project, and Places for People’s Victoria Court.


The Continuing Work of JCT

For the Centres and satellite services around the country, our work with people in need continues and is more necessary than ever in the face of the many homeless, vulnerably housed and socially isolated people who come to us for support accessing our services to help them lead more fulfilling and sustainable lives.

We want to thank our friends and supporters, all churches, charitable trusts and members of the public, for their continued support now and over the years. The charity can continue to work only because staff and volunteers believe in the mission of the charity, and donors continue to give. We thank them all for their much-needed support helping our vulnerable client group.

Chelly Walsma (CEO) and the Trustees of the Jesus Centres Trust


Council of reference

Dr Chris Atkins          Ibrar Hussain (Teacher)          Cllr. Martin Lawton          Julia Stanley (SOVA)

Geoff Williams (Church Pastor)