Green Credentials – Renewable Energy

We have solar panels on our roof

JCT Sheffield is grateful for financial support towards the provision of Renewable Energy for the Centre from the Community Sustainable Energy Programme (Big Lottery) and the Low Carbon Buildings Programme (DECC), with help from BRE.

We have 48 Sharp 185Wp Photovoltaic Modules mounted on the roof of the Hanover Hall, with a total surface area of 62 square meters. These have a nominal power output of 8.64 kWp. They are connected to 3 Schűco IG30 Inverters, which convert the power the Solar Panels produce to mains electricity.

Some of the electricity generated by the solar panels is used to power the 2 Nibe F2025 14kW Air Source Heat Pumps. These take heat from the air and use it to produce hot water. This is supplied to taps in the Parlour Café the Lounge Drop-in and the main toilets, and also used to heat the Hanover Hall, part of the Parlour Café and the Reception lobby, all of which have underfloor heating.

The double-glazing of the Hanover Hall has been paid for jointly by CRASH and Sheffield City Council’s Climate Change Fund, and helps both to save energy, and to provide sound insulation for the Hall.

We believe the system saves about 4 tonnes of carbon each year, as well as saving us money on electricity and gas. We export surplus electricity generated to the National Grid, and are paid a “Feed-in Tariff”.