Stories from the Skills Class

14th October 2016
HOWA* arrived in this country with no English at all, she comes from Togo and can speak fluent French. Being a very strong character, she felt frustrated at not being as good as everyone else at English and didn’t attend for a while. Six months later, she returned, much more resolute and learned to speak […]

A Snapshot of Life at the Sheffield Jesus Centre

16th July 2015
Sheffield Jesus Centre is a light, airy building, a sharp contrast to the roaring traffic outside on Hanover Way. Liz is on the front desk today and has just had a visit from a lady from the women’s hostel opposite. Liz tells me the young woman had come to the Jesus Centre and wept as […]

Peace Parlour: The Sheffield Cafe

9th May 2013
“I’M THE Café Co-ordinator. I find it such a joy working in a lovely peaceful environment with great volunteers. We have many regular customers who come into the cafe to enjoy a delicious meal in a relaxed atmosphere. “Some of the customers give us great feedback, saying: ‘It is like heaven coming here,’ and ‘The […]