Peace Parlour: The Sheffield Cafe

“I’M THE Café Co-ordinator. I find it such a joy working in a lovely peaceful environment with great volunteers. We have many regular customers who come into the cafe to enjoy a delicious meal in a relaxed atmosphere.

“Some of the customers give us great feedback, saying: ‘It is like heaven coming here,’ and ‘The service is very friendly’. It’s encouraging to hear, as this is our aim, to create a place that is friendly and relaxed. We also want it to be a place people can come, make friends and have a chat to someone if they would like to.

“We have regular groups that take place in the café – a knitting group and a craft group. These are great as they give people the chance to be creative and to make new friends.

“I love working here as it gives me the chance to serve God by showing His love to people and being available to talk and get to know local people in the area. I also love working alongside volunteers who want to be there and do the same.”

Published 9th May 2013 with tags: cafe sheffield volunteering

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