Stories from the Skills Class

Learning around a deskHOWA* arrived in this country with no English at all, she comes from Togo and can speak fluent French. Being a very strong character, she felt frustrated at not being as good as everyone else at English and didn’t attend for a while. Six months later, she returned, much more resolute and learned to speak English very quickly – she now knows more than enough to get by and has started to translate for others in her church. She says that she loves to come to the Jesus Centre, because we treat her with respect. Little does she know how much ‘life’ she brings to us!



Tara came to us from a project that supports women who have been ‘trafficked for sexual exploitation’. She appeared to have very low self-esteem and certainly lacked confidence to gain the skills that she needed to make her way in the world. She needed careful nurturing and a lot of love to bring her reassurance and a measure of healing. She has learned to speak English, and is hungry to learn more. She is no longer at the Sexual Exploitation project, but is now waiting to see if she will get permission to stay in the UK.

She also attends our sewing class and has very good skills, but what she loves to do the most is to help others, and loves to clear up after everyone.  She still needs our support, her mental health is fragile, but we believe that she will come through this time, stronger than she has ever been.


Penam came to us at the beginning of 2016, she is here because her husband is studying at the university. She misses her family in India very much, and was getting depressed at home alone for most of the day. She saw a poster outside the Jesus Centre advertising cooking and sewing and decided to give it a try. Since that day, she has never looked back. She has made many sewing projects, and she helps other learners with their IT needs, has joined other services at the Jesus Centre, and encourages others to come along.


*Names and some details are changed to protect confidentiality

Published 14th October 2016

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