Young at Heart

We are delighted to welcome friends from local care homes to our centre on a regular basis, along with others experiencing dementia either first hand, or as carers for those with dementia.

Tracy, Activity Co-ordinator at Hallamshire Care Home, leads a team of colleagues and volunteers in running a dementia café in our Parlour Café every other Monday lunchtime, from 12 noon to 2pm. Everyone is welcome, whether still living independently, or in other care homes such as Fulwood Grange.

A carer at Aaron House Care Home also regularly brings a lady living there to our Lounge drop-in and Café.

Here’s a selection of entries from Tracy’s diary of her “Young at Heart” café visits, together with some photos from the event:


We had another exciting Memory Cafe session at the Jesus Centre. Great to listen to Mark playing Christmas carols on the fiddle and we sang along “merrily”. Olga thought the meal today was exceptional. Really good to chat to visitors and make friends, especially with a small chap aged one, who was a cafe visitor and really enjoyed being amongst us. Well done to Roy and Rose who jointly won the Christmas Alphabet Game today.


After the Christmas break, we were all keen to go along to the Memory Cafe at the Jesus Centre. We enjoyed the Alphabet Game, with Rose being the outright winner – she certainly knows the names of sweets and chocolates! Good to have our new resident, Elsie, there and she was impressed with the cafe and its history (parlour of the old Broomhill Methodist church). We enjoyed a tasty meal together before heading back to the care home, on foot or in car.


We attended another exciting Memory Cafe event at the Parlour Cafe in Broomhall today – some walking there and some travelling in car. Great to have Peggy and Ruth Larder join us for the first time. The cafe was packed out with many different guests and volunteers. We recited some poetry together, played the Alphabet Game (Peggy won) and Finish the Proverb Game. Great to reminisce together whilst looking at old photographs. Good opportunity to make new friends and enjoy a meal together.


We had great fun at the Memory Cafe today. Good to have two of our gentleman there – Roy and Sydney. They enjoyed the company of Eddie who is a regular attendee. The cafe was packed out again with lots of volunteers, staff, residents and members of the community. We had pheasant roulade for lunch – very upmarket! Tracy took a record player so we all enjoyed going down memory lane listening to songs from Oklahoma, My Fair Lady, Disco and songs from the 1950’s.


We had another uplifting time at the Memory Cafe today with some walking and some going by car. Great to have so many friends/volunteers join us to help provide some one-to-one interaction. We played the Alphabet Game and Marion Peck won this time. We recited some poetry together, played with the puppets and sang some familiar war songs after out lunch. Great to have an opportunity to strengthen our friendships.


We had another enjoyable time at the Memory Cafe today. We were talking about Spring whilst looking at things from our Reminiscence Box, i.e. toy lambs, magnetic butterflies, shells, stones, etc. We played the Alphabet Game and Eddie won. We had a short sing-a-long session on the guitar and enjoyed the journey home in the Spring sunshine.

Published 11th April 2019

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